Welcome to Butte Valley, Siskyou County

Butte Valley is a small high mountain valley (approx 4200 feet above sea level), located right at the Oregon Border that is home to about 2,000 people.  Dorris is the main city with smaller towns such as Macdoel, and Mount Hebron.  To our east is a beautiful drive to Tulelake where you can stop and watch migratory birds nesting and flying over the first bird wetland sanctuary in the US.   In our valley, there is a 360 view of majestic mountains that make an amazing backdrop for jaw-dropping summertime sunset and sunrises.  There is hiking, fishing, hunting, ranching, and farming.  Butte Valley still has that small community feel, where kids just out of high school can't wait to get out of and then can't wait to get back to.  There is a strong sense of community, and caring for each other.  It only takes about 30 minutes to drive Highway 97 through our little valley, but if you turn off on any of the side roads, you will find miles of backroads, ranches, and hidden homes.   My husband is a fourth-generation Butte Vallian, farmer, and rancher, while I am a transplant, via marriage, from Mt. Shasta.  While I have lived here for more than 12 years, I still continue to find joy and beauty in beautiful sunsets, double rainbows over the farmlands, or snowy mountains.  It is a joy to call this small valley my home and I hope you will love it as much as we do!



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